Why I love Cheer
By Chloe Harris
Hi I'm Chloe, I've been doing cheerleading for four years now and I've loved it ever since I started. 
Cheerleading has given me so much confidence and taught me how to be an amazing performer. Before I started cheer I would be so nervous performing in front of a massive audience but now it's the best feeling ever to go out onto the mats with your friends, doing what I love most. 
It's such a unique sport and it's something to be proud of. There are so many sports out there but not one of them is anything like cheerleading and not many people can say they're a cheerleader. It's just the most fun and creative way to keep fit. 
Whenever I've had a bad day I can always look forward to going to cheer practise or stretching and practising my skills at home and it will make me feel so much better.
There are so many things involved in cheerleading which is why it's so much fun. It involves gymnastics and dance but my favourite part is stunting because it's so different and really fun learning new skills. 
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